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About Me


Gia Calhoun is a Pilates teacher based in Los Angeles, California, who has been teaching Pilates since 2007. She has been working for Pilates Anytime since 2013 and is the former Vice President of the company.

She completed her Pilates teacher training with Diane Diefenderfer at Studio du Corps in Costa Mesa, California. In addition to being a teacher on Pilates Anytime, she has been a presenter for Pilates Week at Rancho la Puerta in Tecate, Mexico.

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My Services

  • 200 US dollars
  • Can be virtual or in-person.

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    25 US dollars

Pilates Anytime Classes

You can take class with me on Pilates Anytime! If you're new to the site, you can use the code, CALHOUN for 30 days free.

These quick, 30-minute classes are full-body workouts packed with creative and challenging sequences. I progress exercises through intensity, coordination, and precision elevating your Pilates practice to the next level. This is your time to feel strong, accomplished, and most importantly aligned. Let’s shine together!

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